On a black background, a grayscale digital illustration of a human face composed of pixellated blocks of color. The nose, eyes and lips are distinctly defined, but the sides of the face dissolve into scattered pixels. Above the face, the word 'TESCREAL' in gray.

Meet The TESCREAL Bundle

Our long awaited paper on the eugenic origins of the current race to build Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is out on First Monday. Find more resources on the topic on our DAIR website. We recommend that you read the papers in this issue of First Monday to learn more about the ideologies driving AI development.

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Photo of a crowd of several dozen activists in a large room. All are looking to the right, and several hold up fists. At the front are a couple signs. One reads, in French, "Lobbyiste Uber. Emmanuel Macron," and shows a photo of the French president.

We signed in support of gig workers

We joined dozens of other organizations in signing the Brussels Appeal, supporting gig workers and rejecting further uberization of work.

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Group photo. At the center is Timnit Gebru, a Black woman with her hair pulled back. She is wearing glasses, and a patterned red shirt, as well as a conference badge on a red lanyard. Four other people are in the photo around her: from left, a dark-skinned man with gray hair and a gray beard, wearing glasses and a brown t-shirt; a white woman with brown curly hair reaching her shoulders, wearing a blazer and a red and white patterned shirt; a white woman with shoulder-length curly blond hair, wearing a gray shirt; a light-skinned woman with short, dark hair that frames her face, wearing a conference badge and a black shirt.

Best practices for community-driven research

The report is out from our community-driven research workshop, held in 2023 with the Community Computing Consortium (CCC). Rule 1: Expect no free labor.

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A curated set of relevant press coverage on our work, on topics ranging from language technology to algorithmic bias and labor exploitation.

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