Distributed AI Research Institute

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The Distributed AI Research Institute is a space for independent, community-rooted AI research, free from Big Tech’s pervasive influence.

Latest news

Our spatial apartheid work was featured on MIT Tech Review: How satellite images and AI could help fight spatial apartheid in South Africa.

Latest publications

We publish interdisciplinary work uncovering and mitigating the harms of current AI systems, and research, tools and frameworks for the technological future we should build instead.

Current research projects

Read our research philosophy on conducting community rooted research, and browse our projects ranging from developing AI systems for low resource settings, to data related work, and robustness testing and documentation.

Mystery AI Hype Theater 3000 podcast

Join linguist Prof. Emily M. Bender and sociologist Dr. Alex Hanna to break down the AI hype, separate fact from fiction, and science from bloviation. They're joined by special guests and talk about everything, from machine consciousness to science fiction, to political economy to art made by machines.

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