Supporting gig workers, AI in the courtroom, and more (March)

The EU's Platform Work Directive is put into law. Plus, our report on community driven research on tech and society.

Illustration of three dark-skinned people against an abstract, purple background. The figures are, from left: a woman with long black hair, wearing a yellow short-sleeved top; a woman with black hair piled on top of her head, wearing a tan sweater and olive green pants; a man with a black beard and glasses, wearing a beige sweater and yellow pants. The three figures are all holding a long extension cord that drapes across the whole image, and they all seem to be floating as if in space.

Possible Futures Series and more Feb updates: February 29, 2024

Read our first entry in the possible futures series, request to use our spatial apartheid dataset, join our campaign to support data workers, and more.

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Circular swirls of different sizes in DAIR colors: dark brown, light brown, red, orange, yellow, cream.

Happy New Year and other January updates

The DAIR team can’t say we were that sad to say goodbye to 2023 or that happy to welcome 2024. But we celebrate making it here with your support.

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A photo of a subset of the DAIR team outside around a table, with many looking at their laptops. Nathan is looking into the camera and signing a peace sign with his hand.

Our 2nd Anniversary and other December updates: December 28, 2023

We launched DAIR 2 years ago, on December 2nd 2021, and grew it to a small but mighty team of 16 people across 3 continents.

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Screenshot of participants Marwa Fatafta, Mona Shtaya, Matt Mahmoudi and Timnit Gebru with #NoTechForApartheid written on the side.

NoTechForApartheid Event: November 22, 2023

Our #NoTechForApartheid event with Haymarket Books was held on Monday November 27 2:30pm–5:30pm EST.

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A photo of rubble in Gaza after an explosion, with 4 people walking through the rubble.

Ceasefire Now! and other October updates: October 26, 2023

We stand in solidarity with our Palestinian siblings who have lived under brutal Israeli occupation and apartheid for 75 years. Read our statement here.

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Turkopticon written in brown, and with a style where each letter is created from a bunch of dots

September Newsletter: September 22, 2023

US senator Markey and others sent a letter to 9 companies on the “use of underpaid, overworked data workers.”

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An illustration of what looks like a white robot sitting by a desk looking at the screen of a laptop.

August Newsletter: August 24, 2023

Be ware of the generative AI gold rush. In this Tech Policy Press Op-ed, Alex and Emily caution against generative AI hype.

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Screenshot of a Washington Post article saying "How elite schools like Stanford because fixated on the AI apocalypse."

DAIR July Newsletter: July 27, 2023

What's Behind the Race to Create AGI? Who is funding the obsession on the hypothetical AI Apocalypse? Learn more in this month's newsletter.

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Screenshot of Alex and Krystal sitting on stage at a round table, and two other white woman next to them sitting at another round table.

DAIR June Newsletter: June 29, 2023

Read about DAIR's presence at FAccT, and Alex’s keynote highlighted the work of Amazon Mechanical Turk workers.

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Screenshot of Alex and Emily during their Mystery AI Hype Theater 3000 episode.

DAIR May Newsletter: May 28th, 2023

More AI Hype take downs on Mystery AI Hype Theater 3000 and answering your questions in this edition of our newsletter.

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Screenshot of a document with "Stochastic Parrots Day Reading List" as a title, and a photo of a parrot eating a water mellon, captioned "Oh watermelon you understand me"

April Newsletter: April 28th, 2023

Recordings of our Stochastic Parrots Day event, DAIR in Kigali and our policy brief on regulation for general purpose AI models.

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Screenshot of the stochastic parrots day agenda with a green parrot at the top, and the 4 sessions: Retrospective, On worker exploitation, AI hype vs. reality, and what's next?

Stochastic Parrots Day: March 16, 2023

Agenda for our Stochastic Parrots Day event celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the paper's publication.

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Screenshot of Joy Buolamwini and Timnit Gebru at the AJL Gender Shades 5 year anniversary celebration event.

February Newsletter: March 1, 2023

The Algorithmic Justice League celebrates the 5 year anniversary of the Gender Shades project, Mystery AI Hype Theater 3000, and more.

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Screenshot of the Tech won't save us episode with Timnit titled "Don't fall for the AI Hype"

January Newsletter: January 25, 2023

AI hype vs reality, listen to Tech Won't Save Us, and see what we're reading (and writing).

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3 photos: first is a photo of a road surrounded by greenery, blue skies and a mountain, 2nd photo is a subset of the dair team sitting around a table watching a presenter, in an open sapce with pinkish walls, 3rd is a subset of the DAIR team crossing the street.

DAIR Monthly Digest: December 21, 2023

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary by showcasing our work through a series of talks, interviews and panels.

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