About us

We are an interdisciplinary and globally distributed AI research institute rooted in the belief that AI is not inevitable, its harms are preventable, and when its production and deployment include diverse perspectives and deliberate processes it can be beneficial. Our research reflects our lived experiences and centers our communities.

Community, not exploitation

We believe that research should center the voices and experiences of those most impacted by technology and should be rooted in their communities. Our distributed research institute allows us to remain embedded in our communities in the U.S. and globally to include a greater diversity of perspectives and lived experiences.

Healthy, thriving researchers

As researchers ourselves, we understand that the current environments in which we conduct this work do not prioritize our well-being. We value the commitments required to produce strong research and are committed to being a place where researchers do not have to choose between their work and their health.

Comprehensive, principled processes

We believe that groundbreaking research happens when researchers have the space to thoroughly conduct their work. We value deliberate, comprehensive processes that lead to quality findings.

Proactive, pragmatic research

We believe that artificial intelligence can be a productive, inclusive technology that benefits our communities, rather than work against them. However, we also believe that AI is not always the solution and should not be treated as an inevitability. Our goal is to be proactive about this technology and identify ways to use it to people’s benefit where possible, caution against potential harms and block it when it creates more harm than good.

Meet our team

We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers, organizers and activists located across North America, Europe and Africa. Learn about each team member below.

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We publish interdisciplinary work uncovering and mitigating the harms of current AI systems, and research, tools and frameworks for the technological future we should build instead.


In addition to our team members, DAIR also works with the people and organizations below.

The DAIR Institute is a fiscally sponsored project of Code for Science & Society (CS&S), a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting open collaboration in public interest technology.

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