Digital illustration of a panther in an an orange desert setting. On its back is a globe, but the globe is purple and the African continent is centered. Behind is a starry night sky and the outlines of distant mountains.

Africa's Push To Regulate AI Starts Now

Nyalleng: "If it works with people and works for people, then it has to be regulated.”

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An areal image of what looks like farm land and on the right, a photo of Raesetje, with long braided hair, looking to the side.

How Satellite Images and AI Could Help Fight Spatial Apartheid in South Africa

Our spatial apartheid work was featured in MIT Technology Review!

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A brown skinned woman wearing green, looking at a computer screen with a green square on the screen, having what looks like eyes, a nose and a mouth. On the other end of the table is someone who looks like they're wearing a green parrot costume typing and looking at a screen.

‘Stochastic Parrot’: A Name for AI That Sounds a Bit Less Intelligent

Stochastic Parrots is AI Related Word of the 2023! Read this article on the origins of the word.

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A headshot of Asmelash looking into the camera, with a set of broken numbers behind him in red.

The AI startup outperforming Google Translate in Ethiopian languages

"Chatbots like ChatGPT are utterly broken or useless for these languages."

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Left text in black saying "These Women Tried to Warn Us About AI" "Today the risks of artifiical intelligence are clear -- but the warning signs have been there all along by Lorena O'neil" Photograph by Photographs by Gioncarlo Valentine. Right, a photo of Joy Buolamwini, Rumman Chowdery, Safiya Noble, seeta peña gangadharan, Timnit Gebru. The women are wearing vibrant colors, Joy Buolamwini is wearing a yellow dress, Ruman Chowdery is wearing a red shirt with a colorful skirt.

These Women Tried to Warn Us About AI

Timnit and Safiya were featured in this Rolling Stones article that reached more than 1M readers.

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A headshot of Krystal, looking into the camera. She is wearing a hat and a blue hoodie.

An Interview With Krystal Kauffman: Lead Organizer of Turkopticon

Remote Mechanical Turk workers are responsible for training artificial intelligence algorithms and completing other data-related business processes - we hear about the workplace issues they face.

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A headshot of Meron looking into the camera, she is wearing a leather jacket.

Meron Die einsame Jägerin der Menschenhändler

Article in German about our fellow Meron Estefanos. The English translation of the title is The lonely huntress of human traffickers.

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A headsho of Adrienne looking into the camera, wearing glasses and a red shirt, with flowers in the background.

Announcing the 2023 Just Tech Fellows

Our fellow, Adrienne Williams, has won a Just Tech fellowship. Read her project description here.

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What looks like a screen, with writing "ChatGPT" and illegible writing underneath it. And to the left of it, a set of lines in green and pink.

The Human Labor Powering AI Engines

Dylan Baker joins Sarah Roberts to discuss the exploited labor fueling AI systems.

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A photo of a Black woman typing on a laptop and looking into the screen.

Potentially Useful, but Error-Prone: ChatGPT on the Black Tech Ecosystem

In this interview, Asmelash Teka breaks down how ChatGPT fails to serve Black people around the world.

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The cover of the Continent's issue, with "Taming the algorithms the future is being coded now. Will it include us?" written in white. There is a cartoon of a woman with short hair, wearing glasses and holding out her hand. The background is white and the drawing is in purple.

Taming the algorithms. The future is being coded now. Will it include us?

DAIR was the cover story of issue 9 of The Continent.

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Circular swirls in DAIR colors (dark and light brown, black, cream, yellow, orange, red).

We need to examine the beliefs of today’s tech luminaries

This article in the Financial Times breaks down the TESCREAL bundle of idoelogies driving the race to attempt to build "artificial general intelligence."

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A black background with a bunch of small rectangles in white.

Generative AI: What's all the hype about?

Alex was on NPR's Market place discussing what generative AI is and isn't.

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Headshot of Meredith Whittaker next to what looks like a window

Get a clue, says panel about buzzy AI tech: It’s being ‘deployed as surveillance’

Alex and other panelists at a Bloomberg conference in San Francisco remind the audience that AI is primarily being used for surveillance purposes.

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An illaorate illustration which looks like a dall house with the top layer having a bunch of workers sitting in rows of desks, next to it a number of people in what looks like an art studio, drawing. At the bottom is a car with people working next to it.

Inside the AI Factory: the humans that make tech seem human

Mila's work was discussed in this article detailing the labor exploitation fueling AI systems.

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A screenshot of Alex on the left and the hosts of the show on the right, what looks like a white man and woman. The man is wearing glasses and a black shirt, the woman is wearing a yellow jacket and a cream shirt.

Can AI Avoid Bias?

Alex was on Bloomberg TV discussing bias and AI.

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A photo of Timnit wearing a cream sweater and a green and black dress.

After the Whistle Blows

After the Whistle Blows:Silicon Valley likes to celebrate and lionize disruptors. But for women in the tech industry who speak out, there can be a high price to pay for rocking the boat.

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A photo of what looks like a Latino man wearing a blue shirt looking into a big screen and two laptop screens.

Trabajos repetitivos y mal pagados, la otra cara del avance de la Inteligencia Artificial

Adrienne, Mila and Timnit's works were discussed in this article detailing the labor exploitation fueling AI systems.

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An illustration of a read hand with a chain behind it, the background is cream and the hand is in pink/red. The chain is in black.

How the AI industry profits from catastrophe

Mila's work is discussed in this article discussing how the AI industry exploits labor.

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A photo of Alex wearing a headwrap and a white shirt, sitting on a pink couch next to a pillow that has a cat photo on it. Behind her is a book shelf and a blue wall.

Alex Hanna left Google to try to save AI’s future

After her departure, she joined Timnit Gebru’s Distributed AI Research Institute, and work is well underway.

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60 Minutes written in white, with a red background.

AI researcher Timnit Gebru explains why large language models like ChatGPT have inherent bias and calls for oversight in the tech

Timnit appeared on the CBS show 60 minutes, to discuss the dangers of large language models.

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A photo of Timnit wearing a red scraf and glasses.

Google fired its star AI researcher one year ago. Now she’s launching her own institute

The Washington Post covered DAIR's launch.

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