Our First Year Anniversary!

We held our first annual DAIR anniversary celebration on December 2 and 3, 2022 with researchers from DAIR presenting their work to our broader community. DAIR’s establishment came exactly one year after Timnit was ousted from Google, and now serves as a day of celebration for different AI futures. Here's a short video introducing DAIR.

A photo of someone holding a red fruit with white seeds inside, and on the right, another photo of a sloth hanging upside down from a tree

Read Alex's Summary of Our Event and Retreat

For a short blog post describing some of our work presented at this event, and our team retreat activities, read this blog by Alex.

Read here
A photo of the DAIR team and the researchers and students we met from Tecnológico de Costa Rica on a stage.

Our Visit to Tecnológico de Costa Rica

We met with Professors José Carranza, Saúl Calderón Ramírez, Laura Gabren-Quiros and many of their wonderful students.

Read the news coverage here
The DAIR logo and DAIR written in white, with solid cirles of differnt sizes in DAIR colors (black, yellow, brown, orange, red)c

Introducing DAIR | Mitigating Harms

This video introduces DAIR's approach to mitigating the harms of AI systems.

Watch here
Circular swirls with DAIR colors (black, brown, yellow, red, orange)

Introducing DAIR | Imagining a different set of technologies

This video introduces DAIR's approach to charting a different technological future.

Watch here
A screenshot of Dylan giving  a talk, with a green couch slightly visible in the background and a plant, charis and a cream wall.

Nobody Owns our Techno-Future

This 10 minute talk by Dylan reminds us that the current "AI" reality is not inevitable.

Watch here
A screenshot of the slides from the talk, with a green background and title "Surveillance Nation: The real cost of Amazon's customer obsession" by Adrienne Williams -- DAIR Institute

Wage Theft Through Surveillance

This 10 minute talk by Adrienne discusses how Amazon steals wages from its workers.

Watch here
A screenshot of a slide from Raesetje's presnetation, with 3 columns. Column 1 says "The Spatial Apartheid Act" then "The capacity of public institutions was disporportionate to the density of the neighborhood" then "Removing the effects of spatial apartheid is one of the goals South Africa is grappling with." In the middle is sattelite imagery, and the left is a zoomed in part of the satellite imagery showing the town ship Raesetje grew up in. The title of the slide is "The Context."

Spatial Apartheid Dataset

Raesetje Sefala explains how we assembled a dataset to help study spatial apartheid in South Africa

Watch here
A screenshot of Asmelash's slides titled "Language tech for Ge'ez based languages" with Lesan and DAIR icons on the slides, and Asmelash's headshot. Date 06 December 2022, Costa Rica.

Language Tech Without Data Theft

This 10 minute talk by Asmelash Teka discusses Lesan's approach to NLP.

Watch here
A screenshot of Timnit and Meron on the screen. Timnit is outside, with wooden structures behind her, she's wearing a dark red blouse. Meron is outsdie wiht greenery behind her, she's wearing a blue blouse.

Refugee Advocacy and Transnational Repression

This Q&A with Meron shows us the extent to which social media harassment leads to physical harm.

Watch here

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